Medication Management Reviews

The Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR), also known as a Home Medicines Review (HMR), is an MBS item for patients living in the community setting. This may only be initiated by your GP after assessing the need for the service.

The goal of a DMMR is to maximise your individual benefit from your medication regimen, and prevent medication-related problems through a team approach, involving your GP and preferred community pharmacy, conveniently we are attached to a very reputable pharmacy. It may also involve other relevant members of the health care team, such as our clinic nurses or your personal carers.

The DMMR process utilises the specific knowledge and expertise of each of the health care professionals involved. In collaboration with your GP, a pharmacist comprehensively reviews your medication regimen in a home visit. After discussion of the pharmacist’s report and findings, yourself and your GP agree on a medication management plan. You, as the patient are central to the development and implementation of this plan with your GP.

If you believe that you or a family member would benefit from a DMMR, please call reception to organise a consultation.