Iron infusion Clinic

Has your Doctor Diagnosed you as Iron Deficient?

Did you know that up to 16% of Australians are Iron Deficient, with more than half not knowing where to seek help? Treatment for Iron Deficiency is non-invasive however, is difficult to receive without a hospital admission.

Main Street Medical now offers a solution.

With our monthly Iron Infusion clinic, we provide patients the ability to receive treatment in the comfort of our GP practice.

Our clinic is lead by skilled medical professionals, who have an understanding of the treatment and management of Iron Deficient. Over a 1 hour consultation, you will receive personalized advise regarding the management of Iron Deficiency, an Iron Infusion and a free Bulk Billed follow-up appointment.

Our clinic’s service is highly sort after.

For more information regarding this service, please contact our clinic on 9739 3837 or see “our services” for more information.