Wound Care in Melbourne

Our Doctors are specially trained in wound care, Main Street Medical and Skin Center can provide individualized evaluations and plan of care for patients with wounds that are not healing. When wounds fail to heal, the cause varies: venous insufficiency, arterial insufficiency or continued pressure are often the culprits. After meeting with a patient for a comprehensive assessment, our Doctors and Nurses create an individualized plan of care. Our vigilant treatment planning includes therapeutic procedures, dressings and where necessary, referral for surgical interventions to provide optimum healing.

Patients and their caregivers are also provided with education and instructions enhancing healing through self-care. Treatment visits are based upon the goals and plan of care and are usually weekly, but can be more frequent. If you feel you could benefit from a Wound Care consultation or assessment, please call reception to book an appointment.

Monitoring and controlling wound management is integral in the prevention of infection and further health complications. Our Doctors and Practice Nurses provide wound care for and procedures done within the clinic and can also offer follow up wound care for post surgical procedures done in the hospital setting. Full range of Dressings and appropriate treatments are available. There are dressing charges for materials used ranging from $5.00 – $20.00.