Pregnancy Care

General Information

At Main Street Medical, we strive to provide high quality care to all women during their pregnancy.

Our GP Obstetrician, Dr Natasha Mitik-Dineva, has the DRANZCOG qualification from the RANZCOG and works closely with, Eastern Health, consultant Obstetricians and Midwives to provide a continuity of care for all women, throughout the stages of her pregnancy and the months that follow.

Pregnancy Care Plan

Dr Natasha Mitik-Dineva works closely with her patients to compose an individualised pregnancy care plan to meet a woman’s specific needs. However, there are elements to pregnancy care which are common for all women.

Early Pregnancy

Initially a pregnancy needs to be confirmed as alive and in the correct location.

Dr Natasha Mitik-Dineva takes an holistic approach to pregnancy care, examining a woman’s current health, her medical history, family history and current social circumstances. Through diagnostic screenings including; blood, urine and ultrasound scans, Dr Natasha Mitik-Dineva, assess whether there are any features of a woman’s pregnancy which require specific care. In the event, a woman has specific care needs, Dr Natasha Mitik-Dineva, will work with her patient to ensure she receives the right medical care.

It is recommended that this assessment occurs in the first few months of pregnancy, ideally around eight to 10 weeks of pregnancy. This should be a longer appointment booking.

Throughout the pregnancy

Women are usually seen monthly until 28 weeks of pregnancy, fortnightly until 36 weeks of pregnancy and weekly until the baby is born.

At the 28th week of pregnancy and the 35th week of pregnancy, specific pregnancy care planning, to organize hospital bookings, make referrals for additional care or services as necessary, and to discuss a woman’s preparation and choices for birth, occurs.

Hospital Care

It is usual for women attending for pregnancy Care with Dr Natasha Mitik-Dineva to also have involvement with our Practice Nurse and the Eastern Health or Mercy Health Obstetric Team throughout her pregnancy.

Postnatal Care

A follow-up consultation is recommended 1-2 weeks post birth. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that both mother and baby are doing well, to follow up on any birthing complications and to identify any potential, early postnatal complications.

A final follow-up consultation is recommended 6-8 weeks post birth. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that both mother and baby have recovered normally from the birth, to check the baby is growing well and to organise ongoing immunizations.

Preventative postnatal care including; cervical screening and contraception is also discussed.

There will be a $30 out of pocket fee for all pregnancy related consultations.

More Information
There is a lot of information and advice available to women when they are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant, or have recently given birth. Often this is helpful, sometimes it is not! Below are some links to resources that are of high quality, evidence based and recommended by our clinic.

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