Unwanted Hair

In our Australian society it has become fashionable to rid ourselves of excessive hair from sensitive areas of the body. Most of our culture considers excessive hair around the nipples, on the face and thick body hair on the torso (often an extension of the pubic hair line) or back, to be abnormal hair growth, although it is extremely common.
Sometimes hair that grows in these areas has hormonal causes and is known in the clinical profession as hirsutism.

Here at Main Street medical and Skin Centre, we understand that appearance and self esteem, play an important role in heath care as well. As a result we have invested many hours in our Doctors and Nurses in provision of training to provide you with the services required to resolve these issues.

We have attained an Elite MPX™ Laser, that enables us to rid you of unwanted hair at a fraction of the cost of most beauty and cosmetic clinics.

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