Our Services

General Consultations

Main Street Medical offers bulk-billed general consultations for all patients with a Medicare card.

Our doctors are highly skilled and with a warm heart strive to achieve optimal health outcomes for all their patients.

From the common cold to more complex issues, our doctors will facilitate health management and guide you to the best possible outcome.

Patients who don’t have a Medicare card are unable to be bulk-billed (this includes newborn babies).

All patients without a Medicare card will be charged the full Medicare rebate, which is payable at the end of the consultation. This rebate may be claimed in full, by visiting Medicare upon receipt of the your Medicare card.

For all patients who are unable to register with Medicare a private fee, payable at the end of your consultation will be charged.

Diabetes Education

Our Diabetes Educator assists patients to improve self-management of diabetes through tailored education in blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating and exercise. Our Diabetes Educator can help to reduce diabetic complications and improve a person’s quality of life.

All consultations are designed to meet a patients specific diabetes care requirements.

Assistance is also provided for registering with the national diabetes service scheme (NDSS).

For more information, click here.

Vitamin C Infusions

Vitamin C is essential to supporting the production of collagen, enhancing immune system function, fighting the effects of ageing and helping protect and fight against cancer.
For more information on the benefits of a Vitamin C infusion, visit our ‘Medical Info’ tab.

Iron Infusion

For those taking iron supplements and still not seeing effects, an iron infusion may be the answer. An infusion of iron can increase concentrations of iron beyond iron supplements and help fight anaemia.

Chronic Disease Care

A chronic medical condition, if poorly managed, can be debilitating. Through coordinated management our general practitioners and nurses work together to maintain, observe and improve quality of life. This is a bulk-billed service and is highly encouraged for sustaining optimal health.

45-49 Year Old Health Checks

Individuals aged 45-49 are at increased risk of developing serious chronic conditions. A free, bulk billed, health assessment, aims to identify the early signs of a chronic illness and implement change to reduce their impact on your health. A 45-49 health assessment could save your life by preventing life long illness.

75 and Older Health Checks

The over 75 health assessment is an annual comprehensive assessment of physical, psychological and social well-being for those aged 75 and over, and offers preventative health care and education. It is offered nationwide to all people aged 75 and over, excluding those currently in hospital or those in residential aged care facilities.


Immunisations aid in the prevention of serious disease and communicating it to the wider community, whilst also helping to protect your children’s future health. Our practice nurse is an accredited immunisation nurse and offers comprehensive counselling regarding; childhood immunisations, immunisations in adulthood and travel vaccines. our data is automatically uploaded to the Immunisation Register (ACIR).
If your set to travel, book an appointment with our nurse to discuss all your travel vaccine requirements.

Wound Care

Monitoring and controlling wound management is integral in the prevention of infection and further health complications. Our doctors and practice nurses offer care for chronic wounds in addition to wound care for all procedures done within the clinic. We also offer follow up wound care for post surgical procedures done in a hospital setting. A charge of $5.00 – $20.00 applies for the dressing materials used.

Fracture Care

Main Street Medical’s doctors and nurses are trained to provide fracture care, including the setting of plaster casts and coordinating follow up x-rays and where required, further scanning. We offer comprehensive care without the long hospital wait times. A charge of $25.00 applies.

Family Planning

Family planning is the voluntary planning and action taken by individuals to prevent, delay or achieve pregnancy. Our doctors and nurses are trained to provide unbiased counselling to meet your individual needs. Family planning services include counselling and education, preconception care, screening and laboratory tests, and family planning methods.

Implanon Insertions

The Implanon is a very popular and reliable source of contraception. Our highly trained doctors are skilled in the insertion and removal of Implanon devices.

Work Cover

Our Doctors have a full understanding of the WorkCover needs of our patients. Simply call reception and let us know that it is a WorkCover related appointment and we can book you in for a consultation time that allows for the comprehensive information that needs to be discussed.

Pre-Employment Medicals

We can provide you with full Pre-Employment Medical exams, including provision of referral for blood test that can be done at our onsite Dorevitch Pathology Collection Clinic.

Minor Surgical Operations

From sutures for cuts, wart cryotherapy to lesion removal, our doctors are fully trained and qualified to care for any minor surgical needs.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) : Sports and Orthopaedic Application

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of your own blood. It contains high numbers of platelets that can be injected back into the body to promote the healing process, significant improvement of symptoms, reduction in joint pain and reduce the need for medication, cortisone injections and surgery. PRP has been used in sports medicine and orthopaedics for more than 10 years and its safety and efficacy is well documented. To learn more, click here

Medication Management Reviews

The Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR), also known as a Home Medicines Review (HMR), is a Medicare program for patients living at home or with family. It is comprehensive medication management done together with your pharmacist to monitor and maintain your medication needs. This may only be initiated by your GP after assessing the your need for the service.

Aged Care Nursing Home Care

The practice doctors are dedicated to providing high quality care to all patients in the community. Our medical and nursing services extend to those residing in nursing homes or residential care facilities. Many, have been patients before, and enjoy the fact their family doctor still continues to care for them. We are always open to accepting new residents, by simply contacting reception, we can organise for one of our doctors to meet with you and/or your loved one.

After Hours Locum Service

Our doctors operate on a rotational basis offering extensive after hours care to our residential care patients as well as the patients of other doctors within the facilities. This, extending the hours of care to the patients and the confidence in knowing that care is only a phone call away.
The locum service can also be used in circumstances where a clinic patient is unable to visit “in clinic”, your family doctor can come to see you in the home. All a part of our devotion to patient care.

Psychology and Counselling Services

A mental health care plan, entitles you to Medicare funded psychology services, with a psychologist of your choosing. A mental health care plan involves a discussion between you and your doctor regarding your; medical history, lifestyle and social situations to better understand why you are feeling the way you do. A mental health care plan is tailored toward your needs, to decide the approach required to improve your mental health.

Our onsite psychologist, Dr Wendy Schaffer, specialises in various areas of mental health including but not limited to: trauma (PTSD), substance abuse, depression, anxiety, relationship, family and grief counselling.

Skin Cancer Checks

Our experienced skin doctors can provide you with a head to toe examination of your skin, thoroughly checking and assessing your risk of skin cancer and pinpointing any areas of concern.

Skin Tag Removal

The removal of irritating skin tags is simple and pain free.


Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze off warts, moles or skin cancers.


Biopsy is the best and most accurate way of diagnosing cancerous cells. It is a quick, in clinic procedure with minimal downtime.