What is Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency is a condition defined by little stores of Iron within the body.

Iron deficiency is a common condition affecting greater than 16% of Australians, making it the most common Nutritional Deficiency.

The words anemia, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia are used interchangeably but are equivalent to each other.

Iron Infusion

What is Iron?

Iron is a mineral utilized by the body to power cellular functions. Additionally, Iron is used to manufacture enzymes required for digestion and facilitate storage of muscle storage of Oxygen.

Side effects of Iron Deficiency:

Iron deficiency can affect functioning of many organ systems.

Side effects of Iron Deficiency include;
•    Fatigue, impaired memory and ability to undertake physical activity.
•    In infants, Iron deficiency can delay development of normal infant motor functions.
•    Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy can increase the risk of small or premature babies.

Premature babies are at increased risk of ongoing health concerns compared to the babies born at full term.
Thus, on time treatment for iron deficiency is necessary.

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Iron infusion Clinic

Has your Doctor Diagnosed you as Iron Deficient?

Did you know that up to 16% of Australians are Iron Deficient, with more than half not knowing where to seek help? Treatment for Iron Deficiency is non-invasive however, is difficult to receive without a hospital admission.

Main Street Medical now offers a solution.

With our monthly Iron Infusion clinic, we provide patients the ability to receive treatment in the comfort of our GP practice.

Our clinic is lead by skilled medical professionals, who have an understanding of the treatment and management of Iron Deficient. Over a 1 hour consultation, you will receive personalized advise regarding the management of Iron Deficiency, an Iron Infusion and a free Bulk Billed follow-up appointment.

Our clinic’s service is highly sort after.

For more information regarding this service, please contact our clinic on 9739 3837 or see “our services” for more information.

New Sunspot: Now What?

sunspots-patientAs summer is nearing an end, you may be noticing spots on your skin that weren’t there at the start of the season. These new formations can cause significant concern; could they be the start of skin cancer? Aussies have good reason to worry – the intense sun exposure can indeed lead to cancer if it is left unchecked, which is why two out of three Aussies will be diagnosed with this disease by the time they reach 70. The good news is a simple skin evaluation by Dr. Anthony Rixon can give you peace-of-mind and address any of those suspicious spots before they become a bigger problem.


Explaining Sunspots

Sunspots, as the name suggests, are spots that appear on the skin as a direct result of exposure to UV rays. In addition to the sun, the rays emitted by tanning booths can also lead to the formation of these brown spots. These spots are commonly seen on the face, shoulders, chest and backs of the hands. There is a risk these spots could turn into a type of skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma over time.

Sunspots vs. Cancer

While nearly all Aussies will discover at least a few sunspots on their skin over time, not all of these spots will turn into cancer. However, skin cancer can resemble a sunspot when it first forms, making it difficult for you to know which spots are “normal” and which ones you need to worry about. That is why regular skin screenings are so important, particularly when you notice new spots have appeared.

Learn Your ABCs

Melanoma is the most deadly type of skin cancer and it frequently develops in moles or sunspots that change over time. When looking for indicators of melanoma, doctors recommend you follow the ABCs:

  • Asymmetry – look for moles that are not the same on both sides
  • Border – the border of cancerous spots is not usually well-defined
  • Colour – malignant sunspots may be very dark or multi-coloured
  • Diameter – the larger the spot, the more likely it is to be cancerous
  • Evolution – changes to a spot are always a reason for a check by your doctor

Any of these features warrant a call to your physician as soon as possible for a skin check. It is also a good idea to schedule a check at the end of the summer season to evaluate any new spots that have developed.

Introducing MoleMax

At Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, we offer MoleMax technology to evaluate your moles and sunspots with accuracy and precision not achieved with a simple visual examination. This non-invasive device allows for more intricate screening of questionable spots to evaluate for the ABCs of melanoma. At the same time, the technology can compare spots from one year to the next to detect even the slightest changes that could indicate a problem.

Treatment Possibilities

Early detection is the key to the most successful treatment options. Dr. Anthony Rixon offers surgical excision of malignant moles, taking into account both the ability to fully eliminate the cancer and create the best possible cosmetic outcome for the patient. Most of our patients heal relatively quickly from the procedure and the removed tumour is sent to a laboratory for full examination and to ensure the cancer was completely removed. At this changing of the seasons, now is the perfect time to schedule your skin evaluation to ensure those new sunspots are nothing serious to worry about. Contact Main Street Cosmetic & Skin on 03 9034 7747 to schedule your skin check today.

How much is Laser Hair Removal?

cost of tattoo removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a laser to treat unwanted areas of hair. During the treatment, a beam of intense light is directed into the skin, targeting the hair follicles. The follicle, which has only a few millimetres of hair present at the time (a recent shave is necessary) absorbs the light which then damages the follicle enough for hair not to grow in future.

Laser hair removal works best on clients who have fair skin and dark hair, as the laser beam is attracted to the contrast in colour, and after a selection of treatments the client may find themselves permanently hair free.

How much does it cost?

Here at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, we offer laser hair removal on a variety of areas for both males and females. Treatment prices range from $18 to $300 depending on the area. To make things simple, we have devised two tables to show treatment areas and prices.

Treatment Costs


Upper Lip: $18
Chin: $18
Neck: $36
Full Face: $100
Full Face & Neck: $120
Underarms: $38
Arms: $120
½ leg: $158
Full Leg: $300
Brazilian/Bikini: $98
Axilla, Brazilian, lower legs: $200


Full Back: $200
Half Back: $100
Shoulders: $100
Chest: $100
Abdomen: $100
Chest & Abdomen: $200

Prices for other areas are available on consultation. To schedule a consultation or to find out more information on our Laser Hair Removal pricing and packages, call Main Street Cosmetic & Skin on 03 9739 3837.

Where can I get a health check in Melbourne?

medical center melbourne

Since February of 2014, patients that are ages 45-49 and 75+ are recommended for a comprehensive health assessment to rule out the possibility of undiagnosed medical conditions. While these health checks are not mandatory, they have proved to be so beneficial we recommend for all our patients in these age categories. The Australian government pays fully for these health checks which last from 30-60 minutes. Pinpointing a chronic health condition is much easier when we can catch these things ahead of time, for general practitioners, this is the best option for patients to consider. For patients, these health assessments at the specified ages when health conditions tend to appear are beneficial so it can save them heartache and stress over health problems as they age.

So, the next question most people want to know is, “Where can I get a health check in Melbourne?”

At Main Street Medical our Nurses perform these longer health checks which are specified at these particular ages. However, your GP is able to perform a shorter health check at any age.on patients at any age, but typically recommend the usual health milestones for every patient as we mentioned above. In Melbourne, health checks are done by a general practitioner (GP) that can prescribe the proper lab work and tests corresponding to any health concerns you present during your check-up. A general practitioner will make the best recommendations for anything from healthy diet, exercise, tips for improved cardiovascular health and maintaining the essentials in your body’s metabolic and functional processes.

Your Health Check Appointments

During your first health check appointment in Melbourne at Main Street Medical, your GP or Nurse will sit with you and go over a questionnaire you’ve previously filled out about your family history and known medical conditions. At this time, your GP can find out more about your lifestyle and health goals for the future. As they learn more about you and the health changes you’ve experienced in your body and performance thus far, they will then make a list of the recommended specialised health tests you’ll need to rule out any predictions they have about risk factors.

Health Risk Factors Include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anaemia
  • Asthma
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity Smoking
  • High levels of alcohol consumption
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Other cardiovascular health concerns such as the presence of varicose veins

During your follow-up appointment, your GP or Nurse will then suggest any specialists for a referral if you are at high risk for any of the above as determined by your test results. The tests recommended, if you are at risk for any of the major issues above, are performed on the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs. Mental health assessments may also be a part of your health check and should be discussed with your GP.

Health checks are a necessary part of our responsibilities as we get older since our body chemistry changes every five to eight years. Life moves so fast all around us that we can forget to be mindful of our health and these health checks can help us maintain our healthy lifestyles. If you’re suffering from too much stress, weight gain or significant loss, chronic fatigue, headaches and more, you should think about getting your health check sooner rather than later. Call Main Street Medical today on 03 9739 3837.

What is an oxygen facial?

oxygen facial melbourne

It’s no secret that humans need oxygen to survive. Oxygen sharpens our concentration, promotes healing, strengthens our heart and supports our bodies in more ways than we can count. So why shouldn’t we give ourselves a little extra where it counts?

Here at Main Street Cosmetic, we have introduced the Oxygen Facial. The treatment means we can provide oxygen directly to the skin to give it that extra boost and the results are fantastic! Let us delve deeper.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment itself is completely non-surgical, non invasive and not painful whatsoever. A combination of a topical cream and activating serum are absorbed into the skin, invigorating the skin with a direct dosage of oxygen, minerals, and nutrients. As the two topical treatments are combined, they begin to react, forcing the oxygen into the pores.

What happens to my skin during and after the treatment?

The first thing to occur is a gentle exfoliation of the face. This ensures that the skin is free from dirt and excess oils that prohibit the oxygen treatment getting absorbed into the pores successfully. After this is complete, two different topical products are applied to the skin. The first is a thick cream, and after this, we apply the activating serum. The skin will begin to feel warm as the cream and serum combine to work their magic. After 10 minutes the creams are removed and a red LED light mask is placed over the skin for another 20 minutes. Finally, when the red LED light mask has achieved the desired effect, a mixture of nutrients and vitamins are applied to the skin followed by a moisturiser which acts as a protectant, now that the treatment is complete.

What type of results can I expect?

Due to the treatment being completely safe with no risk of major complications, the most you will experience is a little redness. After this disappears, you will be left with smoother, softer skin. The oxygen acts as a catalyst, circulating the blood, promoting the growth of collagen as well as new cells. This forces the skin to replenish and regrow at a faster rate than usual, helping to fight the signs of ageing and therefore encouraging a youthful, healthy complexion. When we combine the oxygen facial with the red LED light treatment, we are increasing our chances of achieving a successful result, as the LED treatment also encourages the growth of cells, collagen and achieves better circulation of the blood. It also helps to calm the skin after the treatment, leaving you feeling relaxed both inside and out.

The best part about the oxygen facial and LED light treatment is that there is no downtime. Unlike other treatments, there is no burning, itching, soreness or extreme change in the appearance of the skin post treatment. The oxygen facial we provide is gentle and calming, achieving a positive result without any harmful or damaging effects to the skin.

For more information, contact Main Street Cosmetic on 03 9739 3837, we would be more than happy to answer any questions and book in your first oxygen facial so you can experience the results first hand.

Fraxis Duo

fraxis duo melbourne

At Main Street Medical we lead the way, introducing new, ground breaking treatments and methods. One worth mentioning is the Fraxis Duo.

Like most things that include the word ‘duo’, the Fraxis Duo by Cryomed is a combination of two different and successful treatments. Fractional CO2 laser and Micro Needling. Fraxis Duo is the first multi-platform CO2 laser which combines with RF technology (micro needling) to double the effects. Let us explain.

What is Fractional CO2 Laser?

Fractional CO2 Laser works on a superficial area of the skin, improving deep wrinkles and fine lines, skin texture, blotchiness around the face and neck as well as acne and other scarring. It has proven to be an effective treatment for both sun damage and precancerous growths as well.

How does Micro Needling make it better?

The way micro needling works is with a tool called a ‘Derma roller’. The Derma Roller, laced with tiny little needles, creates micro-injuries when rolled across the skin’s surface, forcing the brain to send collagen to the skin, in order for it to repair. By doing so, the tiny little pin pricks are repaired very quickly and then some! This means that you are left with beautiful, glowing skin that looks, feels and actually IS healthier than before.

Now, we have a combination of the two treatments, the Fraxis Duo. Combined, the two treatments target two completely separate areas. The CO2 Laser targets the superficial area while the Micro Needling targets deeper into the skin, meaning it achieves a great deal more during the one session. A 2-4-1 deal! Who doesn’t love that!?

Who needs the Fraxis Duo?

The Fraxis Duo can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. Whether it be scarring, photo-ageing, stretch marks on the face or body, it works wonders. With the use of the Fraxis Duo you will notice the following:

On the face: Better tone and texture, reduction in acne scarring, pore size and wrinkles as well as skin resurfacing and tightening.

On the body: Scar and stretch mark reduction, treatment of Keratosis Pilaris (a condition that causes the skin to become rough and dry in patches) and Hyperhidrosis (sweating abnormally).

Unlike some aggressive lasers, redness and swelling diminish quicker with the use of Fraxis Duo, and alongside increased effectiveness there is a large reduction in side effects. Fraxis Duo is fantastic on fine lines, skin laxity, pigmentation, poor tone and many other skin specific conditions that can benefit from this laser/needling combination.

In conclusion, the Fraxis Duo is a single machine with multiple uses. It can assist in the treatment of various skin issues and works wonders for a wide range of clients.

If you would like to learn more about the treatment and see whether you would be an ideal candidate, contact the office on (03) 9739 3837 or drop into our Lilydale rooms to chat with our friendly team.

What is RF microneedling and how will it help me?

rf microneedling melbourne

Everyone will see some preliminary sign that youth has finally drawn to a close and age will begin to creep in around the edges now and then. There are of course a few different cosmetic treatments we can use to restore and rejuvenate the face, décolletage and many other areas of the body where the skin has withered, wrinkled and formed stretch marks from childbirth or weight gain. We at Main Street Cosmetic recommend radiofrequency (RF) microneedling to all of our patients looking to resurface their skin.

Microneedling Advancements

Microneelding is a skin care treatment using small microneedles that are applied to the skin to create microchannels where surface damage appears. Microneedling has become the new industry standard to help create fractional surface damage to the skin in specific areas that require regeneration of new skin cells so that healthy ones can then take their place. However, there have been many modifications in these last few years that make microneedling an even better option for all patients.

When microneedling was first released, a hand-rolling method was used. This method was completely manual and required delicately skilled hands to manoeuvre; the cosmetic therapist required in-depth knowledge of the depth to which these needles in this manual microneedling tool, needed to go in particular areas of the skin so as not to damage the surface but to allow proper healing.

The Addition of RF Microneedles

Since then, most cosmetologists and skin therapists use automatic hand-held tools that are set to treat these areas of the skin such as the forehead, cheeks and nose for proper application. These machines offer patients added comfort since they are pressure sensitive to depth and provide quick treatments. Now, in addition to pressure sensitive, automatic microneedling devices, we have microneedling with radiofrequency tipped needles.

These RF tipped microneedling devices not only work to create small microchannels within the skin to allow growth factors and new collagen growth to repair and replenish new cells, but radiofrequency cauterises the newly made channels, so no bleeding or scabbing occurs in the process. As the radiofrequency heat energy penetrates the skin, it helps to tighten the skin as well to reinforce young, taught skin. This RF method is a much more comfortable and effective microneedling treatment for patients all over the world, especially at Main Street Cosmetic.

Main Benefits of Microneedling with RF

For patients looking to overcome skin pigmentation from overexposure to sun, weather, and stress, microneedling will help to break up those colour inconsistencies and allow the skin to repair itself and reduce those differences in tone. Once these microchannels heal, the skin will appear tighter, smoother and more refined. We recommend this treatment to anyone looking to reduce the size of enlarged pores as well as reduce any signs of acne scarring or other preliminary signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. This RF microneedling treatment is even used on the neck where ageing starts for most patients.

Your skin will be dramatically restructured with our latest RF microneedling treatment at Main Street Cosmetic. Call to book your consultation with one of our Nurses or Dermal Clinicians today on 03 9739 3837.

3 Injections for Your Underarms

botox underarm sweating melbourne

When we’re nervous, we sweat. How much you sweat, depending on your body type, will be different from the next person; but when you sweat through your clothes without exertion, that can be emotionally difficult to deal with daily. This condition of excess sweating can happen in the hands, feet and noticeably under the arms, called axillary hyperhidrosis.

For many people, this condition has an impact on their social life, because the person feels embarrassed to go out and to be seen with prominent sweat spots under their arms. This sweat often drips down their sides, without any triggers such as exercise or heat. For many patients that come to us at Main Street Medical Centre, they’ve been prescribed antiperspirants and medications to fight this excess sweat, but these remedies don’t work for everyone, or they’re simply temporary. There are, however, injections for your underarms to help you combat excess sweating and these are a saving grace for patients that haven’t seen relief in years.

What kinds of injections are available to combat hyperhidrosis?

Injections for underarm sweating are done using an anti-wrinkle injection as the active ingredient since this is the only injection thus far that works deep in these overactive nerves to slow their reactions. These nerves deep within the armpits will signal the sweat glands to sweat since it detects the body temperature is higher than it should be. Sweating is a good thing when we need to release heat from the body and maintain our homeostatic state or normal body temperature.

How is the treatment done and how long does it last?

When we perform injection treatments for underarm sweating directly in office, by our injections specialists at Main Street Medical, these injections can be done in under ten minutes to perform. Depending on the patient’s particular needs, we usually do anywhere from 12-20 injections per underarm area. The patient lays down with their arm extended while these injections take place. After the injections are done, we add pressure to the injection site for a minute or so.

There is only a short waiting period before patients can begin any exercise routines but there isn’t any real recovery time. Once the injections are done, you can go about your day. After a week or so, patients should notice a reduction is their excess sweating. Up to seven months, you will benefit from this treatment and another treatment will be needed. Some patients require three sets of treatments per year but consult your doctor as to how many will benefit your condition.

  • Quick treatment
  • Lasts up to seven months
  • 12-20 injections in one treatment
  • Nonsurgical
  • No recovery time
  • Reduce excess sweating
  • Boost your confidence!

Most patients also use their prescribed antiperspirants to compliment this treatment but these injections should be enough to help you combat hyperhidrosis from excess sweating. We understand that this can be uncomfortable for patients and we want to help them get the most out of their lives. You don’t have to endure excessive armpit sweating because we now have these solutions to fix that.

Call Main Street Medical to learn more about our injections for axillary sweating on 03 9739 3837.