Mole Removal in Melbourne

Mole Mapping

This appointment is designed specifically for you to get a diagnosis on specific moles that you are worried about and should last no longer than 30 minutes. All Individual lesions of concern will be examined using our new MoleMax©, a computerised digital dermatoscope. Clinical images will be stored in your patient record.

After your examination of individual moles of concern, an appointment will be made with your doctor to diagnose your lesions and advise you on appropriate treatment options, this appointment will be Bulk Billed.

Out of pocket cost:

  • 1 Mole $30.00
  • 2-4 Moles $50.00
  • 5-10 Moles $70.00
  • More than 10 moles will be referred for Full Body Mapping
  • (All prices current at time of publication and are subject to change without notice)

Full Body Mapping $150.00

This one hour initial consultation is an extremely thorough procedure and is designed to provide you with an accurate and timely examination of your skin surface, assessing any suspicious lesions using our MoleMax©, a computerised digital dermatoscopy system. Photographs will be taken and stored on our database for future comparison and diagnostic purposes.

After your initial full body mapping session and appointment will be made with your doctor where, together you will go through each lesion and diagnosis. Treatment options will also be discussed at this appointment and will be Bulk Billed.

Follow up / Review of Full Body Mapping $100.00

Repeating the mole mapping procedure on a regular basis enables our doctors to observe structural changes in all of your moles over a period of time. Any new moles of concern will be checked using our MoleMax© dermatoscope and all images will be stored in your record and clinical images of all previously imaged moles will be compared for any changes.

After this examination an appointment will be made with your doctor to discuss any changes and treatment options. The appointment with your doctor will be Bulk Billed.


No Melanoma surveillance program can claim to be 100% accurate and as such MoleMax© is not a complete substitute for a clinical examination. It is therefore important to continue seeing your doctor for regular skin checks, especially if you are at high risk of developing Melanoma or other skin cancers.

Call our Main Street Medical and Skin Centre Rooms on 9739 3837 or alternatively book via our Main Street Rooms on 9739 3837 to visit Mole Scan for more information.