Home Medicines Review

General Information

FREE service for eligible patients.

Home Medicines Reviews strive toward safe and effective use of medicines through detecting and addressing concerns any concerns regarding a patient’s medications, which may negatively impact their health.

Together, your GP and an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist will manage your medications and healthcare needs to improve your quality of life.

Are you eligible?

non-prescription medications Do you take more
than four prescription
Stethoscope Do you see multiple
Doctors or
Confuse in Medications. Are you sometimes
unsure which
medications to take?
Discharge from Hospital Have you been
recently discharged
from hospital?
sick Do your medications
you feel unwell?
inhaler Do you use any
devices to take your

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are ELIGIBLE.

How does a HMR work?

1. Doctor Referral

Your GP will provide the Accredited Consultant Pharmacist with information about your current medicines and medical history.

2. Home Visit

An Accredited Consultant Pharmacist will visit you at your home to;

  • Discuss all current medications and their side effects.
  • Address any concerns, problems or questions you may have
  • Provide expert advice on how to best take and store your medication.

3. Healthcare Plan

The Accredited Consultant Pharmacist will produce a report to your GP. The Accredited Consultant Pharmacist will discuss this with your GP and together, put in place a plan to improve your health.

4. Follow-up GP visit

After your Home Medicines review, it is advised that you follow-up with your GP to discuss the review and implement your Healthcare plan.

Phone 9739 3837 to organise an appointment and speak with you GP about organising a Home Medicines Review to help you better manage your healthcare.