Complimentary Skin Consultations now available!

We invite you to have a complimentary Skin Consultation with Felicity our Cosmetic Nurse.

Here at Main Street Medical and Skin Centre we are about achieving healthy skin for our patients. The consultation process provides the patient with all the information necessary to begin their journey to achieving healthy glowing skin.

Cosmetic Skin

So what happens when you have a consultation with our Cosmetic Nurse?

An initial skin consultation usually takes 30 minutes. After establishing your main concerns, the nurse will assess you skin and ask you questions relating to past UV exposure, medical history and current topicals you may be using on your skin.

The Skin Consultation may cover information and pricing relating to Laser Hair Removal, Laser facial treatments to remove pigmentation and facial vessels, chemical peels and our range of medical grade skin care.

A woodslamp may also be used which allows the nurse to view below the surface of your skin. While this may be confronting to you, it allows the nurse to determine the possible causes of your concern and develop a treatment plan to treat the condition and to help prevent it from possibly reoccuring in the future.

After listening to your main concerns and assessing your skin, a treatment plan will be formulated that is designed to work with your lifestyle. Test patches are also performed if necessary.

Our nurse will explain all skincare to you so that you are left with all the knowledge you need to start your journey towards healthy glowing skin.

At the conclusion of the appointment you will receive information and handouts regarding your potential treatment options and skin care. There is no obligation to commence treatment.

To book your free skin consultation, call Main St Medical and Skin Centre on 9738 8873 or use the widget below to make an appointment

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