Bulk Billed Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment available for a limited time!

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Special Offer

sclerotherapy vein treatment

Sclerotherapy vein treatment is a popular and highly effective method of removing unwanted superficial telangietasias, or ‘spider veins’. A medication, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the vein causing the wall of the vein to break down. The injections performed are tiny and usually pain-free, although may sting a little. Sclerotherapy is a very safe treatment with few possible side effects. Your treating doctor will discuss this with you in detail at your initial consultation. The majority of patients who have sclerotherapy treatment will see a significant and permanent improvement in the appearance of their spider veins. Depending on the underlying cause of the spider veins, new veins may arise over time that will require further treatment.

Dr Richard Green performs all sclerotherapy vein treatment at MSMSC. Dr Green has undergone specialist training in vein treatment, further to his FRACGP qualification.

Dr Green is offering Bulk Billed (FREE) treatment for the first 100 patients to book. Dr Green’s regular charge for sclerotherapy is $350 (with a $100 medicare rebate). Book your Bulk Billed sclerotherapy consultation and treatment with Dr Richard Green by calling us direct on 8202 8106. Alternatively, use the widget below to book online.

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